General Information 

General Information

The Department of Natural Resources is committed to an employee-driven process, supplemented by input from stakeholders and the public, to develop the merger plan.  To that end, the Transition Team relied on alternatives and recommendations developed by 10 individual work groups that generally align with major, shared “core functions” within both agencies. The primary duty of each work group was to develop a report that describes viable alternatives to achieve merger-related efficiencies, enhancements, and refinements to these core work areas.

In line with the decision model shown below, alternatives identified by the work groups were made available for review and input from stakeholders, the general public, employees, and agency management.  All input/feedback is considered by the Parks and Wildlife Board as they make decisions. 

Merger Decision Model

In the past several months, the Parks and Wildlife Board (which is currently comprised of members of the existing Parks Board and Wildlife Commission) developed a proposal for the mission of the new Division of Parks and Wildlife as well as for the size and composition of the new Parks and Wildlife Board.  Both the mission and the composition of the Board are outlined in state statute and proposals must be presented to the legislature before changes can occur.  Click here to view the final proposal. 

Click here to view a flowchart of the entire process.  For more information about how you can provide input, please click on the “Public Input” tab on the left side of this page.